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“Songs for My Mother”
  Songs for My Mother CD Cover“Songs for My Mother” is a collection of spiritual and gospel music chosen by my mother, Nancy Lower. Nancy is one of the biggest inspirations in my life, both musically and spiritually. In 1999, she was injured while working with the Peace Corps in Africa. She has been living with quadriplegia since then, with amazing optimism and faith. Soon after she asked me to make an album, she spent many weeks in the hospital near death. I knew then that I needed to quickly dive into this project. One year later, I am happy that Mom is still with us to hear the final product. She has many more than nine lives.   Listen:

Feel the Spirit  Audio Symbol

Marchin’ to Zion  Audio Symbol

  This music comes from the Christian tradition, but resonates in a feeling that is within each spiritual tradition: love. As I worked on this CD, I looked deeply into my own love for my mother, and my fear of her dying. By confronting the possibility of her death, I found the gospel message of hope in these songs that can carry me through, and have grown in my gratitude for the gift of life. May this music touch your heart, as it has mine.    
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“A Journey to the Heart”
A Journey to the Heart CD Cover     Recorded live in 2002, this concert of classical music is interspersed with poetry, focused on Elizabeth’s spiritual journey through music. Pianist Bill Crane and Actress Christine Calfas join in creating a beautifully rich experience.
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